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Experience coaching that blends tangible outcomes with soulful exploration. Develop habits that propel you forward, while honoring your experiences and aligning with your deepest purpose



Your Partner in Growth, Fulfillment, and Authentic Transformation

Do you hear that inner voice urging you to deepen your practice and share its healing essence with others? Your journey is unique, filled with stories and strengths that are distinctly yours.. Together, we'll walk the path of empowerment and self-discovery, breathing life into your unique experiences and dreams, and transforming them into a vibrant and fulfilling reality. Together we can craft a life full of joy, purpose, and empowerment, one that not only resonates with your deepest self but also leaves a lasting impact on those around you. Let's guide you to create a practice and a life that genuinely reflects and enriches both you and others.

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Hi, I am Tiffany Jeans

As a High-Performance & Rituals Embodiment Coach, and Yoga & Meditation Teacher, I blend diverse expertise to guide you toward lasting change. Discover how my unique approach empowers you to achieve your goals, find deep fulfillment, and embrace your authentic journey.

My life's complexities, from early motherhood to overcoming personal challenges, have deepened my empathy and resilience, qualities I bring to every coaching interaction. With a foundation in psychology and social action, my passions for jewelry making and dance infuse my coaching with an understanding of both the power of the mind and the expressive language of creativity.

My coaching philosophy centers on authenticity –  helping you align business goals with your spiritual and creative essence.  Whether you're a yoga teacher, acupuncturist, herbalist, or anyone seeking greater organization and groundedness, my approach guides you to achieve fulfillment, tangible success, and a balanced life.  Through coaching with me, clients from diverse backgrounds – like yoga teachers, herbalists, and those seeking more intentionality – learn life-changing habits, transforming how they manage their time and energy, leading to greater peace of mind and meaningful results.


When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.


Your Journey Matters...

If integrating your spiritual path into your career feels elusive, navigating life's hurdles drains your energy, or cultivating life-changing habits seems out of reach, let me light your path.

Perhaps you crave strategies to prioritize self-care amidst busy schedules, find more fulfillment in your spiritual practices, or create a life that truly reflects your deeply-held values.  Working together, we'll uncover what truly nourishes your spirit, so you can make empowered choices that enhance every aspect of your life.



Finding Balance

One client struggled to make time for workouts, feeling conflicted between family time and self-care. With my guidance, she connected with her core values around health and vibrancy. This empowered her to see exercise as an investment in herself, her family, and her career goals. With increased energy and inspiration, she found greater joy in every aspect of her life.

"...I finally realized that taking care of myself wasn't about taking time away from my family, it was about giving them the best version of myself."

This is a journey of self-discovery, of aligning your everyday choices with your deepest values and aspirations. Let's navigate life's complexities together, and illuminate your path to a life filled with purpose and joy.


Let’s journey together…

I understand the unique path you walk, and I'm here to guide you with tailored insights and tools. Whether you're integrating high-performance habits, seeking deeper purpose,  or navigating life's complexities, we'll transform challenges into opportunities, unlocking greater resilience and fulfillment. Consider me your partner in growth, helping you create a vibrant and deeply fulfilling life.



Journey Towards Soulful Success and Inspired Leadership


Inner Leadership Empowerment Sessions

Elevate your leadership with a unique blend of high-performance habits and spiritual wisdom, starting with an ELI debrief to enhance emotional intelligence and leadership skills, fostering inner strength and potential.


Soulful Success Coaching Sessions

Designed for holistic professionals, these sessions merge high-performance strategies with spiritual and creative growth, beginning with an ELI assessment to align your career with your core values and authentic self.



Dive into a unique blend of personalized coaching and vibrational healing with our Resonant Restoration session. Begin your journey with insightful, targeted coaching to unearth your deepest aspirations and challenges.

 The path that led you here is just the beginning of an exciting new journey.

Our coaching is all about connecting you with what's next, blending practical performance strategies with meaningful spiritual and creative insights to help you and your business blossom into a future brimming with opportunity and heartfelt success.

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